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Ongoing support 

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The CORE package

Building small, manageable changes into your diet and lifestyle will have a positive long-term impact on your gut health. But it takes time for your body and mind to adapt. You've taken the first important step - now give yourself the best chance to make those beneficial changes stick.

Book your initial consultation and two follow-up appointments and pay just $350 (saving $30). 


Get supported on your journey to positive digestive health and wellbeing. 


Here are some questions I'm often asked, along with information about my two digestive health programmes. 

How many consultations will I need?

We'll start with three consultations, spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Your initial consultation will set a positive direction for your gut health, then we'll build on your health action plan to help you reach your goal. Many people feel back in control of their digestion after just three months. My clients often come back a few months later to finetune their diet, get help to overcome challenges or take a cooking lesson for some food inspiration!

I'm so busy - how can I stay motivated?

I know that making change can be difficult, especially when you have a busy life, a hectic job, a family. But you can do this, with my encouragement and help to stay on track. Expert advice that’s tailored to you, fits your lifestyle and doesn’t cut out all the foods you enjoy will help you stick to your plan. That’s why I work one on one with people in my clinic, and it works. When you’re eating well and having less pain, you won’t look back.

Your personalised recipe for great gut health

Looking for a solution to your digestive health problems once and for all? Your personalised programme will put you back in control. I'll help you get out of pain and enjoy food again, with a comprehensive digestive health consultation followed by 5 focused consultations, weekly email support, a life plan session, tools and recipes to help you feel great again.

Your personalised gut health solution is $575 (valued at over $1,000).

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