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Your digestive health consultation

Healthy Diet

Follow up consultations

After 4 weeks we'll review and build on your health action plan, moving you closer to your goal. You can ask questions and get support where you need it most. 

Alongside diet and lifestyle changes I may also recommend targeted supplements, including probiotics, or functional stool, blood or salivary tests which can be arranged privately or via your GP.

Follow up consultations are spaced 4-6 weeks apart, giving you time to make diet and lifestyle changes and reap the benefits.

50 minute follow up: $100

Want to be free of gut pain and discomfort?


Do you have IBS, chronic bloating or possible food intolerances? Have GP tests come back clear, but your symptoms haven't improved? Let me help you uncover the triggers, regain control and start enjoying food again.

Your initial consultation

We'll talk at length about your digestive symptoms and medical history, look at your current diet and lifestyle and discuss your health goals - how will life be different when you feel better?

I'll explain the factors which may be causing an impact, including nutritional imbalances, and a clear, sustainable strategy to support your digestive health long-term.

Together we'll agree a health action plan, with positive changes you can make straight away and ideas for quick, easy and tasty meals and snacks. My recommendations are specific to you, which helps you get where you want to be faster. 

After 2 weeks we'll have a short session via video or phone call to address your burning questions and keep you motivated. This
is included in the consultation fee. 

1 hour consultation and catch up call: $180

"I had bloating, tiredness and thrush for 10 years, but I just couldn't work out why. With Kym's help, my symptoms have disappeared. She helped me discover my personal food triggers through the low FODMAP diet, and her personalised advice and handouts are fantastic. Karen

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