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Healthy New Year’s resolutions which have nothing to do with the gym

January is the perfect time to make some healthy changes and be the best version of yourself - but go gently.

No sooner has the Christmas cheer disappeared, we’re bombarded with messages about keeping fit and heading to the gym to become healthier, and for many of us, this can seem like a chore. If joining a gym or working out isn’t on your list of New Year resolutions, don’t beat yourself up about it. There are plenty of easy and healthy changes you can make which will have a big impact on your wellbeing. I share my favourite healthy new year’s resolutions with H&N Magazine, and there’s not a gym in sight.

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My favourite healthy new year's resolutions

1. Meal prep

Putting aside an hour each Sunday will set you up for the coming week, and you might even enjoy the meditative chopping and dicing.

2. Eat little and often

Eating three square meals and two healthy snacks, morning and afternoon, will keep your energy up and minimise cravings..

3. Nourish your gut

Your digestive system plays a significant role in regulating immunity; plus, your gut microbiome protects against pathogens. Give your immunity a boost by eating fermented foods rich in beneficial bacteria, like live yoghurt, kefir, miso or kimchi.

4. Drink more water

Good hydration supports your gut and kidneys, and wards off dehydration-related headaches and tiredness. Pep up your water jug with fresh cucumber slices, frozen berries or mint leaves. Herbal tea also counts: try liquorice or ginger.

5. Up your fruit and veg

Try loading your sandwich with salad, and fill half your plate with veg at dinner. Fresh, frozen and canned vegetables all count, as do beans and pulses. If you have an aversion to vegetables, top them with seeds, season with miso or stir-fry with garlic.

6. Mindful eating

Take time to taste, smell and enjoy your food. Set the table and play relaxing music, even if you’re dining solo. Studies show that mindful eating can help you with portion control and digestion, improve mood and reduce cravings.

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