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The future of digestive health: fun food trends

I was asked by Bella magazine to predict the future of gut health. Here's my predictions for the year 2025!

We’re all talking about our microbiome these days, and the news constantly reports on the benefits of boosting your gut bacteria, from mental health to managing IBS. But imagine it’s 2025, and we’re so over supplements. Naturally-probiotic kombucha is on every café menu, and miso is just another condiment. With good news for sweet tooth's, your probiotics now come sugar-coated – in your favourite chocolate bar. You can also snack on probiotic-covered nuts, munch on probiotic yoghurt ‘pearls’ in your cereal and even your daily flat white is gut-healthy, thanks to new bacteria strains that are unaffected by heat or cold.

Back to 2019? A daily pot of natural live yoghurt, a slug of kefir or a tablespoon of kimchi is a good place to start, if you're trying to experiment with probiotic-rich fermented foods.

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