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The traveller's guide to a healthy gut

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Nothing ruins a holiday like a stomach bug or food poisoning. Don’t let stomach problems get in the way of your travels, with my tips.

I talked to IBS remedy Enterosgel about my tips for a happy tummy when you travel.

Ward off traveller’s diarrhoea

Diarrhoea from contaminated food and drinking water is a common traveller’s complaint, and it can ruin your trip. While medication for diarrhoea with loperamide slows down bowel movements, pathogenic bacteria remain in your gut. I recommend drug-free Enterosgel, an intestinal adsorbent which binds to toxins from harmful bacteria (like E. coli) and removes them naturally through your stool. Start taking Enterosgel as soon as you see any sign of traveller’s diarrhoea. Enterosgel acts quickly and it’s safe for kids too.

Stick to bottled water

If the country you’re visiting doesn’t have safe drinking water, it’s best to switch to bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth during your trip. Don’t assume that the water is okay to drink just because you are in a nice hotel! Look after your stomach by asking for cold drinks without ice at cafés, street food stalls and hotel accommodation. You might also want to avoid icecream and shaved ice desserts. Bottled water is cheap and plentiful, so keep a bottle with you to avoid dehydration in hot holiday locations.

Feel safe with street food

If you’re travelling with kids or nervous about new food, you might be tempted to stick to the hotel buffet. But if food has been sitting out for a long time the risk of food poisoning increases. Local cuisine gives you the chance to try something new, and often means fresh ingredients and a high turnover. Street food is cooked at high temperatures, which will help kill any harmful bacteria. Look for food stalls with a long line of locals – they’re often a good bet. Stay away from uncooked meat or seafood, as well as raw fruit and salad that might be washed in tap water.

Take the stress away

The lead up to a trip can be more stressful than you realise – booking the flights, arranging tours and getting work and chores out the way before you go. A long and tiring journey can also cause strain on your immunity and digestion, making you susceptible to stomach bugs. Give your mind and body a break on holiday. Enjoy the sunshine, relax and get some fun exercise in, whether it’s yoga on the beach or a daily swim. Reducing the stresses of travel will support your digestive system to do its job on holiday – keeping your gut healthy and free from illness.

Enjoy healthy choices

It can be hard to get enough fruit, vegetables and fibre when you travel, causing constipation if you’re not careful. Greasy, fatty food can also exacerbate digestive conditions like irritable bowel syndrome. My tips will help you seek out healthy choices on holiday, so you can save your efforts for exploring! Sample exotic fruit for breakfast, choosing varieties that can be peeled like lychees, kiwifruit or mangoes. Seek out the local speciality, whether it’s sushi, vegetable curry or stirfries. If you’re self-catering, it’s even easier to make sure you have one meal a day that includes vegetables or wholegrains. Check out the local market and experiment.

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